Contactless home delivery

With our online shopping tools, you can easily choose and even finance your new vehicle from the comfort of your home. Once the transaction has been finalized with our advisors, your vehicle is prepared and ready to be delivered to you. Can't or don't want to go to a dealership? We guarantee contactless home delivery! Don't forget that our sales team is 100% available to help you and answer all your questions.

How it works ?

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The delivery man disinfects his hands and changes his clothes. He puts the printed papers in an envelope and dresses the steering wheel and the seat in disposable plastics.

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The delivery man parks the vehicle in your driveway, deposits the envelope in front of your door, rings the bell and backs up. He throws disposable plastics in your recycling bin.

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You take the envelope, go inside and sign the papers. If you have any questions, the delivery man is waiting outside.

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The delivery man collects the papers once the door is closed. He checks and calls you to confirm everything is in order. He leaves with your exchange or a second driver.

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You can now enjoy your new 100% safe vehicle for your daily essential needs.

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