After Sales Service

Congratulations on your new vehicle! Now even though keeping it maintained and in good condition may sound stressful and difficult, it doesn't have to be that way. That's why we at Desjardins Volkswagen offer a wide variety of services available after you've purchased your car.

Is your vehicle not a Volkswagen? That's not a problem either! All of our services are available to everyone--no matter what kind of car you drive. It's one of the reasons why Desjardins Volkswagen is one of the top automotive dealers in Quebec.

Service & Repairs

You're guaranteed the best service on your vehicle because our dealership consists of Volkswagen Service Consultants and Volkswagen-trained service technicians to assist you with the repair of your vehicle. We at Desjardins Volkswagen only use the latest in diagnostic tools, repair techniques, all authorized and approved by Volkswagen. Even if your vehicle isn't a Volkswagen, you can rest assured that our technicians are capable of handling any problem you may have.


If you're keen on owning one of our Volkswagen vehicles, you should come visit our finance department! From there you'll see what kind of plans we offer and the benefit that come with them. We offer a wide variety of plans such as a personalized deposit, financed amount, term and repayment structure. All of these options come at a low interest rate within your chosen terms, so you know they're competitive and flexible. Plus, with low monthly payments between your choice of 24, 36, 48, or even 60 months, you're in control of your finances and how you want to pay them.

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Parts & Accessories

Wanna know why Desjardins Volkswagen is the perfect place to purchase parts and accessories for your vehicle? Because we only provide you with Volkswagen Original Parts to match with your vehicle. They're designed at exactly the same time as your vehicle, so why not use them? We can even order them in for you when we don't have them in store. Your Volkswagen vehicle only deserve the highest quality parts and accessories, so that's why we only use Volkswagen Original Parts to keep your car going.


There's alot going on under the hood of your vehicle, even after leaving our showroom with your brand new vehicle. We may never be able to catch some problems right away, but with Desjardins Volkswagen's maintenance program, you can regularly schedule an appointment to ensure that your vehicle is running at optimal performance, fuel efficiency, and overall reliability.




Tire Store

Finding the right tires for your Volkswagen vehicle is as easy as telling us what kind of vehicle you drive. We'll recommend the tires for you to give your vehicle the best optimal performance, safety, and fuel economy while you're on the road. Need those tires installed as well? Not a problem! Our Volkswagen Certified Technicians are 100% capable of installing your tires with ease while helping you reduce their overall wear-and-tear. From fit, alignment, and tire pressure, you'll only ever need one stop to take care of all of your vehicle's needs.

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